Prestige is an incentive for attackers.

All dominions start with 250 prestige.

Prestige Bonus

Type Multiplicative Additive
Offensive power No Yes
Food production Yes No
Population Yes No


Prestige/100=x% bonus


If you have 0% population modifiers you will still get the prestige bonus.

For example, if you have 250 prestige and no other population bonuses you would get +2.5% max population:


Gaining Prestige

Prestige is most commonly gained by invading other dominions which are at least 75% your land size. Alternately, a mutual War can give you some prestige from black ops.


The standard formula for prestige gain is:

20+MIN(([Target's Prestige]*[Land Ratio]/10), 130)

You cannot gain more than 150 prestige on a single hit, and your total prestige cannot be greater than your land size.


  • Attacker A (1000 prestige) hits Explorer B (250 prestige, 80 % of Attacker A's land). Attacker A will gain 20+(250*0.8/10) = 40 prestige.
  • Converter K (280 prestige) hits Attacker L (900 prestige, 75 % of Converter K's land). Converter K will gain 20+(900*0.75/10) = 87 prestige.
  • Attacker S (600 prestige, 610 land) is hit by Attacker T. Attacker S loses 50 land and 5 % of their prestige in the invasion. Because prestige is capped at total land size, new prestige will be 560, and not 0.95*600=570.

Prestige gains are added to your prestige when the last units return. If you only send units which return in 9 hours, your prestige will be added after 9 hours. But if you also send units with a longer return time, prestige will be added when those units return.

Losing Prestige

Prestige can be lost in the following ways:

  • Being successfully invaded (5% prestige loss).
  • Being overwhelmed while invading.
  • Hitting someone below 60% your size.

Prestige losses are instant.

Action Modifier Based on your prestige gain Based on your current prestige
1st invasion 100% Yes No
2nd 80% Yes No
3rd 60% Yes No
4th 40% Yes No
5th 20% Yes No
6th and higher 0% Yes No
Overwhelmed bounce -5% No Yes

This means that, if you are the sixth person to hit a target, you will neither gain nor lose prestige. A dominion retains its 'invaded' status for 24 hours exactly. For example, you are hit at 15:40 and 19:59 server time on one day. If someone wants to hit you at 15:30 on the next day, you will have two invasions marked, and prestige would therefore be reduced to 60%: it would be the third invasion. However, if that invader waits until 15:41, you would only have one invasion marked on you, and their prestige gain (and your casualties would be larger.