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When in doubt, hop on Discord and ask any questions in the #wiki channel.


  • Content should be descriptive and not prescriptive.
  • Before creating a new article, consider whether the new text could be added to an existing article instead.
  • Content specific to Dominion Classic should be avoided and only added where context may be necessary for returning players.

Spelling and Grammar

  • Spell check your text and check the grammar closely. It does not matter whether you use British/Commonwealth English or American English.
  • Avoid unnecessarily long sentences. Try to keep it as simple as possible without losing out of important information.
  • Do not use k to shorten thousands. For example, write the full 100,000 and not 100k.
  • Use comma as a thousands separator: "10,000" and not "10 000", "10'000", "10000", "10.000", or other variations.


  • No more than one consecutive whitespaces (no double-spacing).
  • Only one empty line between paragraphs (no double linebreaks).


  • Stories not written specifically for The Dominion Encyclopedia are not subjects to these guidelines and shall not be altered in any way except for:
    • Linebreaks that, due to the way the MediaWiki software parses them, do not appear as they should, are to be altered by adding one for every missing line break.
    • Any other changes required to make the story fit and look readable on MediaWiki.

Mathematics and Formulas

  • Surround formulas with the code tag. Example: <code>1 + 1 = 2</code>
  • Check your calculations before submitting.
  • Verify against the source code on GitHub.
  • Use ^ as exponent. Example: 5 ^ 5 = 3125
  • Add spaces to make formulas readable.


  • No spam, graffiti, abuse, flaming, or offensive content permitted.