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 Simming is the best! Unless you spent the last few decades NOT playing computer games this should be obvious to you. Nearly all types of computer games require some sort of strategy, and many times creating a simulation to map game progress helps to form one. Thats right, forming a strategy about how to play the game is often more fun than actually playing the game! Simming is the best, better than playing because you might lose the game but simming already gave you the pleasure you were looking for.
 When I pick up a book and read the foreword I expect to find enough information to decide if the books is something I need.
 Simming is an academic excercise not an exact science. To illustrate, there are hundreds of models of Trucks and SUVs sold every year with Off-Road features. How many of those actually able to go off-road and stay in one piece? It depends ... on the driver, the terrain, the weather, and any number of other conditions. This book is for those of us who love to go 'Off-Road' without spending money on proper gear or spending time to acquire the skills. If you are an astrophysicist or a theoretical matematician you study some Drake equation or GIMPS for profit and recognition - the rest of us sim computer games for fun.
 This book is for simmers by simmers, written for those who sim without ever realizing it! If you ever tried to beat the AI using diagrams, spreadhseets, scripts, entire databases - friend, you are a simmer! We welcome your lost soul, and we created this wiki to save you from going entirely and unrevokably nutts!
 We are NOT trying to gain new audience as the supply of obsessive gamers is already infinite. We are not going to bore you with introductions or explanations as simming is in the examples. We are not arguing for anything as simming has absolutely nothing to do with reason, logic or reality. We are writing or reading this only because simming is simply the best waste of time for us, so lets dive in!