Defn: Dominion vs Realm

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When you create your account, you are randomly placed into any Realm that does not already have 12 Dominions.

You will be prompted to select a Race for you and your people.

Each race has a unique set of bonuses and military units that are important to understand.

The ultimate goal of the game is to be the biggest, strongest Realm in all the land.


You take control of a section of the land, called a Dominion.

You will have up to 11 friendly Dominions (other players) in your Realm.


Your Realm will be vying to be the biggest and strongest in all the land.

Other Realms in the game will have similar goals, it is up to the members of your Realm to destabilize the other players outside your Realm.

Communicate regularly, leave messages, coordinate attacks and boost a struggling ally with your some of your Military units.

Individually, you are all working towards that goal to become the biggest and strongest.

The better you coordinate your efforts with the rest of your Realm, the better off you will be.

You must be sure you survive the length of the round.


The only methods of death in this game are losing all of your land, reduction of your peasant population to zero, or prolonged inactivity.