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Aliases: Icer, Iceking
Introduced: Round 13
Round Wins: 1
Attacker: Advanced
Explorer: Beginner
Converter: Intermediate
Alignment: Evil
Land type: Mountain
Scribes: [1]

Icekin is the best example of a converting and/or teching race. Icekin require at least one tech in order to compete when converting due to their elite OP requiring a high WPA. Exploring with Icekin is also a very viable option as their defensive elite is extremely cheap for a potentially very efficient unit. Attacking full round with Icekin is not advised due to the difficulty in keeping a high WPA all round. Icekin are much stronger as a slow attacker rather than a fast attacker.

Racial Bonuses

  • Food Consumption: -50%
  • Lumber Production: -10%
  • Archmage Cost: -175p

Military Units

Unit OP DP Platinum Ore Special
Icebeast 3 0 300 0
Snow Witch 0 3 350 25 Reduces losses in combat
FrostMage 3 3* 850 100 Increases by 1 for every 20% mountains, maximum +3.
Ice Elemental 4* 2 1100 0 Increases by 1 * Raw Wizard Ratio, maximum +3.

Casualty Reduction

Snow Witches reduce casualties depending on what percentage of units at home they are. If 20,000 Snow Witches are at home with 6,000 other units, they will reduce casualties by:

(20000/(20000+6000)) / 2 = 0.384615
38.46% less casualties
100 - 38.46 = 61.54% casualties

General information

Racial Spell

Blizzard: Stronger version of Ares' Call (not cumulative) giving +15% defensive strength


  • Cheap DP elites
  • If attacking, the high wizard ratio required makes Icekin very solid for getting ops on targets, even against Sylvans and DEs
  • Can be very efficient late round


  • Difficult as attacker
  • High wizard ratio required for attacking or converting
  • Land dependent DP removes strategy variation