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This will be the working document for our refreshed "My First Protection Guide" replacing attacking with exploring and a possible option for advice on converting at the end OR throughout the guide, depending on how well the guide flows (we could use breakout boxes with fun highlighting and text colours that newbies can choose to ignore in favour of the more simplified exploring-only version if they deem it to be too intimidating)

Some things I want to nail down before we begin:

  • Exactly how much DP should we expect first-timers to be coming OOP with so they can avoid the initial onslaught of invaders?
  • What kind of land size would keep them in a relatively safe zone while still allowing them to be part of the action should they land with a helpful pack of veterans?
  • Should it be a stripped back super simple build involving very few or no mods imps and techs, should we give them an option of one or two, or give them a taste of all three?

Some example numbers and strategies:

  • 550 Acres
  • 6k-7k DP
  • Mixture of Leviathans and Sirens similar to the usual guides
  • Advice to raze some farms early and take advantage of racial food production bonus
  • An even(ish) mix of DM's and Schools say 20/30/40 of each just for that initial stage
  • A healthy .2-.5 SPA and WPA to insulate them from the attention of early game attackers and allow them to help their realm with info ops which can really have a great effect of making the newbie feel like they're making a difference (because they are!)

Use the Discussion page to comment on the things that will or won't work or even just to practice formatting as this document grows and make sure you leave your name date after each comment so we can keep things controlled. Otherwise we just use the #wiki channel in Discord.

Some important links:

Points raised so far:

  1. How many logins per day would seem reasonable? 3-4? -Cheese
  2. Releasing starting troops- is this level of strategy necessary? -Cheese
  3. Schools vs DMs vs both- Discord discussion is leading us towards focusing on Imps and leaving Techs altogether as they are a fairly advanced strategy and not as easy to understand as Imps which are pretty intuitive. DMs are possibly the better option. -Group
  4. Jobs and filling them effectively should be a key component of the guide as we're expecting these new players to generally explore for their entire first round while they get their head around everything. -ZachSmack
  5. Link to the latest sim should be considered, and the guide shall continue to refer to server time with advice to change times to suit ones schedule as per the original guide -Jocke, Sharkey