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This article is about an archaic topic and contains information about game play mechanics from Dominion Classic which were either abandoned prior to the end of Dominion Classic or which have been decided will not be included in OpenDominion.

Peace was removed in round 64 of Dominion Classic and is not in scope for implementation in OpenDominion.

The monarch of a realm could declare peace on one other realm at a time.

When it did exist, peace would have the following effects:

  • +5% DP bonus against the realm your realm had declared peace.
  • No prestige loss during attacks between realms at peace.
  • -10% land gains.

While the prestige loss and land gains reductions were mutual, the +5% DP bonus only applied to the realm which had declared peace. If Realm #1 declared peace on Realm #2 and Realm #2 took no action, dominions in Realm #1 would have +5% DP against Realm #2 but Realm #2 would not benefit from a +5% DP bonus against Realm #1.

Realms often declared peace against realms which posed a significant threat (top-OP).