Round 16/Changes

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Full change log can be found on Github.


  • WAR!
  • Black Ops and Energy Mirror spell
  • Technological Advancements, Schools, and Vision spell



  • Gnome
    • Reverted Miner's Sight spell back to Mechanical Genius
  • Merfolk
    • +5% OP racial bonus
  • Sylvan
    • Centaur: -20r: 900p 70r
    • Casualty reduction increased to -25% from -15%
  • Nox
    • +15% racial bonus to RP gains from schools and invasion


  • Schools, Techs and Research Points implemented


  • Prestige
    • Base prestige increased from 20 to 30 and 10% cap increased to 30%
  • Future construction is discounted after you're invaded if you lose buildings
  • Defensive casualties reduced by land ratio


  • Packs with 2 players can land with another pack, max 6 packed players in a realm
  • Information Operations strength cost reduced from 2% to 1%
  • Theft formula fixed (for real this time)