Round 17/Changes

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Full change log can be found on Github.


  • Land bonus now grants 128 RP
  • Wizard strength refresh rate increased by 1% while below 30%



  • Wizard races defensive elites now count as 1/3 wizard on defense down from 1/2
  • Undead
    • Mana production from +5% to +10%
  • Nomad reintroduced
  • Spirit reintroduced
    • Food consumption from -90% to -80%
  • Dwarf
    • Clerics now kill Spirit and Undead units on offense and defense
    • New racial bonus: ore invested in castle improvements increased by 5%
  • Nox
    • +10% RP generated, down from +15%
  • Sylvan
    • New racial bonus: -10% rezoning costs


  • Surreal Perception now shows info ops, costs 3x land, and lasts 12 hours
  • Energy Mirror cost increased to 4x land and duration to 12 hours
  • Fools Gold cooldown reduced to 20 hours from 22 hours
  • Disband Spies damage reduced to 1.5% from 2% and mana cost reduced to 4.3x from 5x land


  • Forest Havens
    • No longer provide DP from peasants
    • Spy strength refresh rate increased by 0.1% per 1%, max 2%
    • Spy costs reduced by 2% per 1% max 40% reduction
    • Fireball spell damage reduction is now 10% per 1%, max 80%
  • Wizard Guilds
    • Failed magic ops losses reduced by 3% per 1% owned, max 30%


  • Towers improvement now also increases mana production and formula changed to make it easier to invest


  • Prestige
    • Formula changed to reduce first hit prestige, but gain prestige on all hits above 75% regardless of how many times that dominion has been hit recently
    • New formula is Prestige gain = 20 + (target's prestige * land ratio / 10)
  • Invasion and exploration will be disabled sometime at random between 18-9 hours remaining in the round


  • Dominions can explore a maximum of 50% of their current land size after protection ends


  • Info operations cost reverted back to 2% from 1%
  • Realms can have a maximum of 5 packed players (2-packs can land with other 2-packs or 3-packs and only one pack in a 4-pack realm)
  • Dominions can release a maximum of 15% of their DP per day after protection ends. This replaces the prior DP release mechanics