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This line - "Racial selection also plays into this: Firewalker, Nox, and Halfling all have significant casualty reduction on their offensive units, making casualty technologies somewhat less desirable."

Not going to change anything but a point of discussion - I don't know if this is the right logic to apply to those cases. In one way the -25% cas reduction applies equally to these races as any other, as the bonuses apply linearly, and hence the number of units prevented from becoming casualties in any given scenario will be the same. From another lens, you could argue that the game is balanced around these races having ~50% casualty reduction, and thus the addition of a -25% modifier actually appears to them as a 50% reduction, which from a balance perspective may even be more significant than a race with unmodified casualties.


(Pardon the weird editing, I'm not particularly familiar with wikis - Oment).

Best of my knowledge, techs and innate casualty reduction on units interact multiplicatively, and the statement was formulated with that as my assumption. Taking Liches / Salamanders because they're an easy 50 %: first casualty tech brings them to 45 % casualties, and then 37.5 % if you take Tactical Battle. (And not 40 % and 15 % respectively.) Ergo, the monetary benefit of Tactical Battle is less than it would be for similarly costed / statted units without casualty reduction, simply because you only have to retrain half of what you would otherwise have to, which leaves you more platinum to use elsewhere. Basically, is it worth it to have some measure of increased casualties, also on defence, in exchange for going for a larger OP boost (via MW) or cheaper building / a bit more pop (via CC)? What boosts your economy more?

The argument that things are balanced around said casualty reductions is a valid one, but it feels more of a macro argument around relative racial balance in the game as a whole than a micro argument around individual races - though I do acknowledge that such factors are valid choices in racial selection.

I've asked about the casualty multiplicativeness, by the way... Expect updates to the Casualties page soon enough.