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Discussion Page for ideas, thoughts, and definitely NOT flaming or trolling. Sharkey2099 (talk)

Some first thoughts:
-Acres seem low for explorer. How many logins are you aiming for? 3-4/day? Is that reasonable?
-Releasing your troops. I remember when I was a noob and didn't release anything because it's counterintuitive
-Strategy in general might be different. Schools vs DMs can lead you in a different direction, should probably have a section on what approaches there are to teching.

To expand, I've made a list of topics to address:
Protection Guidelines
Key buildings in protection
-Factories, temples, towers
-Ore mines
-Destroying buildings

-draftee cost at 299
-plains for alchs/smithies
-daily bonus

-Releasing all units for population growth
-draftee management
-hour 61/64 build

First days OOP/General concepts
-Transitioning into early round build
-Imps? Prioritize Keep, then Science/Walls
-Have as many (employed) peasants as possible
-Choose a build strategy (Diamond mines vs Schools)
-Exploration cost vs Attacking cost
--High cost/acre for explorers
--High cost for op units for attackers
ModusP (talk) 12:15, 30 March 2020 (UTC)