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As for designating Round Winners, I propose as follows:

  • The largest Dominion when the round ends wins. Largest = most acres.
  • In articles about specific rounds, use the Round_finish infobox and designate top-3 as "winners".
  • In race articles, only count rounds from Round 12 round wins. Round 12 was the first round with attacking.
  • In cases of ties:
    • Two-way tie for 1st place: assign both as winners and the second largest Dominion as 3rd place.
    • Three-way (or greater) tie for 1st place: all three are winners. No one else mentioned (no 2nd or 3rd place).
    • Two-way (or greater) tie for 2nd place: winner is winner, and designate the others as shared 2nd place. No 3rd place.
    • Two-way (or greater) tie for 3rd place: winner is winner, 2nd is 2nd, and designate the others as shared 3rd place.

--Dreki (talk) 17:36, 31 May 2019 (UTC)