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Teching (see also Atteching) is the term used for researching Technological Advancements in order to gain any number of bonuses that affect your Dominion. Teching is often used for Converting strategies although can also be utilized well by Explorers and rarely by Attackers. By building Schools, your Dominion will produce Research Points which can be traded in for a new tech once you have enough points. Teching is a slow strategy that enables your Dominion to have increased efficiency later in the round. It is very difficult to keep up with the top players if you decide to tech but by the end of the round, you should be able to grow more effectively than other Dominions around you that have not teched. An important thing to note is that most techers will only research a handful of Techs and will then R/R their Schools to another building (often Diamond Mines or Homes).

Race Selection[edit]

Any race can be used to Tech although it is generally more efficient Races that will benefit most from Teching. The recommended races that benefit in the Base and Imp rulesets are:

Building Selection[edit]

Teching requires the construction of Schools. The number of Research Points produced is calculated by a formula:

Produces EITHER Schools/2 research points OR Schools * (1 - (Schools / Total Land)), whichever is HIGHER.

The formula basically shows that up to 50% Schools, the fewer you have, the more they produce each (but less in total) meaning that you will gain a larger benefit in increasing the number of Schools from 10% to 20% than you will from 40% to 50%. The optimum percentage of Schools/Total Land is generally considered to be 40%. There are however some players who will build percentages as high as 80-90% as the formula changes to a static amount of Research Points produced once the Schools/Total Land goes above 50%.

The Techs[edit]

Advancement Bonus Prerequisites
Commander's Insight -10% offensive casualties none
Tactician -10% defensive casualties none
Military Genius +5% attack power Commander's Insight, Tactician
Caravan Leader -5% exploring platinum cost none
Explorer's Intuition -1 draftee per acre explore cost (minimum 3) none
Explorer's Luck -10% exploring platinum cost, -2 draftee per acre explore cost (minimum 3) Caravan Leader, Explorer's Intuition
Sleight of Hand -10% spy losses on failed operations none
Darkness Walker -20% cost of spies none
Spy Master +1 spy strength recover per hour Sleight of Hand, Darkness Walker
Magician's Apprentice -10% cost of spells none
Magician's Awe -20% cost of wizards none
Master of Magi +1 wizard strength recovery per hour Magician's Apprentice, Magician's Awe
Farmer's Growth +10% food production none
Miner's Refining +5% gem production none
Banker's Foresight +5% platinum production Farmer's Growth, Miner's Refining
Mason's Art -10% construction platinum costs none
Forester's Touch -10% rezoning costs none
Urban Planner +2% population maximum Mason's Art, Forester's Touch
Fruits of Labor +20% lumber, +20% ore and +10% gem production Banker's Foresight, Urban Planner
Dark Artistry +3 recovery of both wizard and spy strengths per hour Spy Master, Master of Magi
Urban Mastery +6% population maximum Urban Planner, Explorer's Luck
Treasure Hunt +12.5% platinum production Spy Master, Banker's Foresight
Magical Weaponry +10% attack power, +15% wizard strength Master of Magi, Military Genius
Conqueror's Crafts -30% construction and rezoning platinum costs Military Genius, Urban Planner
Master of Resources -10% military training cost (no ore reduction for Gnomes) Explorer's Luck, Banker's Foresight
Tactical Battle -25% offensive and defensive casualties Spy Master, Military Genius
Enchanted Lands -20% exploring cost, +15% mana production Master of Magi, Explorer's Luck

General Information[edit]

Teching is a very slow strategy. It almost always coincides with a Converting strategy as many of the Techs are geared towards attacking. Teching can be very useful for players who do not have much time to invest into the game early in the round but wish to compete later on. New or inexperienced players may also benefit from teching.


  • Great efficiency can be enjoyed late round
  • Allows less experienced players to compete effectively late round


  • Very few, if any winners from teching
  • Slow; Techers make very little impact throughout the round


  • Great for Converters
  • Inexperienced players