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Through diplomacy, realms can declare war on each other.


War can be unilateral or mutual. A unilateral war is when one realm declared war on another but the other realm does not declare war back. All wars last for a minimum of 72 ticks, and once cancelled, realms cannot redeclare on their previous target for 24 ticks.

War can be declared starting on day 5 of the round.


In a unilateral war, both realms get +5% OP and +15% land gain bonus against each other 24 ticks after the initial declaration of war.

In a mutual war, the bonuses are +10% OP and +20% land gains and these bonuses become active a further 24 ticks after mutual war is declared.


By declaring war, dominions in both realms can perform the war-only black-ops. This takes place immediately upon declaring war and is not delayed by 24 hours, unlike the OP and land gain bonuses.

In a mutual war, successful war-only black-ops that deal greater than zero damage also give prestige gain for the dominion performing the ops.

All black ops are available to be used starting on day 8 of the round.